for children ages 5-11

helps children discover values

and faith for their lives

free meal for participants

KIDS’ Church is a character building program for children, ages 5-11, from the South Allison Hill neighborhood of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

These children are helped to develop a positive self-mage, concern for others, and basic morality through interaction with adults and through presentations.

Each week, we use scripture, story telling, object lessons, video, singing, games, and craft activities to bring home to each child the point for the evening.

College student, church, and neighborhood volunteers present activities. They also interact informally with the children during meal time and throughout the evening. This informal interaction is a very important part of the program. The children are hungry for attention from adults who will listen to them and show them respect. This helps them develop self-respect and models respect for others.

Purpose Statement:

Our community children’s ministry exists

1. to introduce children to the love of Christ

2. to connect them with the extended Christian family

3. to help them discover Christian values and faith for their lives

4. to teach them to help others

5. to help them rejoice in the greatness and goodness of God

KIDS’ Church Rules

1. The Balloon Rule

If anyone on your team is misbehaving, a balloon for your team will be popped. If all 4 balloons on your side are popped, then your whole team loses an award at the end of KIDS’ Church.

2. Stay at Your Stead Rule

Stay at your seat. You may stand in front of your seat. You may dance in front of your seat. But stay at your seat.

3. Raised Hands/Quiet Rule

When a leader raises a hand, raise your hand and close your mouth. Stay quiet, while the leader shares.

4. Listening Rule

During listening time, those kids who keep eyes focused up front, hands folded in laps, feet on floor, quiet and listening will receive a second reward.

Jesus said, “Let the children come to me; do not stop them, for it is to such as these that the kingdom of God belongs.”

(Mark 10:14b)

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