Each year, bcmPEACE has been an active organization for the Highmark Walk for A Healthy Community! This year, we will once again be going virtual due to COVID-19 and safety. Although we will not be able to all walk together in May, we are invested in sharing about what it means to be a healthy community, especially now.

This year we will be hosting several Zoom calls to engage with leaders in the community and those that are actively making Allison Hill, and Harrisburg in general, a healthier community. You can stay informed by checking back here periodically or following us on Instagram and Facebook. We will be having a number of activities that allow us to engage in dialogue and foster connections with each other and the community.

Activities that will be offered:

  • “Cooking Up a Healthy Community”: join us once a month from March until June as we cook together and discuss a topic on creating, building, and uplifting a healthy community!
    • April: Building Our Leaders – hear from young community leaders and what they are doing in the community, their hopes and visions, and how we can support them. – missed it? Check it out on our YouTube channel!
    • May: Changing the Narrative – see the work of our Agape Graduate program as they paint their way to a new vision for the Hill. How can we change the narrative of our communities? – missed it? Check it out on our YouTube channel!
    • June: Ubuntu – feel the community as we hear from the owners of the new community home for young adults and volunteers in the community. – missed it? Check it out on our YouTube channel!
  • “Food for Thought”: engage in discussion with us on social media about what it means to really be a healthy community today. We will pose a question or prompt every so often to really engage with one another in constructive conversation for peace and change.
  • Challenges: Have some fun and maybe even get pulled out of your comfort zone with some challenges to engage with your community, promote health, foster ideas, and explore around you!
  • Raffle: beginning now until July 31, for every $10 you donate, your name will be entered into a raffle for a bcmPEACE gift basket full of bcmPEACE gear, gift cards, and more!