During this time we feel the need to speak up a little louder. bcmPEACE has crafted a statement that was inspired by the moment, but is made thinking about the future of our community:

We stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters of color who we witness suffer at the
hands of a system built on oppression. We stand with the families of those who have left
us due to the systemic injustice of this nation and the consequences that the racist
foundation of this country produces.

We seek peace, understanding that peace is not simply the absence of violence, but the
presence of JUSTICE.

It is not only the unjust killings of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd
that have happened recently that call us to action; but the foundational policies of our
country that systematically oppress people of color demand our response. We see your
pain, and your anger, and we stand with you.

As an organization founded on God’s peace and service in the inner city, we vow to work
at not making this a statement of the moment, rather, we commit to work increasingly
more to change systems of injustice and stand alongside those who are oppressed.

We will continue to nurture nonviolence training practices for youth, especially youth of
color, through our Agape Satyagraha Program.

We will continue to work at breaking the cycle of poverty and encourage leadership in
our black and brown communities through our Pathway to Prosperity Program.

We will tend to the needs of the community by intentionally partnering with other
organizations led by our brothers and sisters of color.

We will be more intentional in growing our leadership to better include voices of color
both on the Board of Directors and in our staff.

We will do better because our black and brown lives deserve better.
We are with you.

– bcmPEACE Board and Staff




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