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Our Agape Satyagraha Graduate Program celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day by painting a mural to highlight our Social Justice lIbrary! This is the first of many murals that this Graduate Program will create throughout this year. Thanks to On Earth Peace, this program has received a grant to be able to paint these murals. 

This program started out with one graduate of the Agape-Satyagraha program itching to get out in the community and put what they had learned to use and create a better community that they are proud to live in. She was passionate about art and had a vision of making art out of the abandoned buildings in the neighborhood. Thanks to her vision, her and her fellow graduates will get to use their passion for art and social justice to bring attention to issues affecting the community and creating a more beautiful community. 

We will be partnering with other community organizations in Allison Hill and painting murals where we can as we highlight the importance of nonviolence, education, and social justice. This will include abandoned buildings, interactive pieces, and other mediums! We are excited to begin this project. 

Another part of the program is educating oneself and others, so we will be partnering with On Earth Peace and learn from some of their webinars surrounding Kingian Nonviolence, Children;s Justice, and Community Organizing! We will also watch films and discuss their portrayal of social justice issues as well as listen to those doing the work in our community! 

The Agape-Satyagraha Graduate Program is also helping take care of the Social Justice Library but making sure books are being checked back in and the space is taken care of. They will also work with Harrisburg First Church of the Brethren and On Earth Peace to occasionally read a book from the library! 

We are so excited to continue this program and see the fruits these young people produce in this community!




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